Merced, CA - Visiting Ron and Louise (August 19-22)

After Sequoia we drove directly to Ron and Louise and got there around 5 PM Friday. Shawn was there too and Jenel came over with her three boys. We visited that evening and made some plans. Saturday Jenel drove us to Carmel while Ron stayed with the kids. We also played lots of cards and went wine tasting on Monday with Shawn.

Visiting with Jenels boys (Colton 7, Jaxon 8 and Dameon 12), Louise and Ron

Saturday Jenel driving us to Carmel

The beach at Carmel

Louise, Bonnie, Bob and Shawn sitting on the beach

Getting back up was hard in the fine sand that shifted underfoot

We found a nice restaurant in town and had a great meal.

There was a car show going on at Carmel. This Corvette was just $144,000 (Marked down from over 2 Mil. LOL)

On the way back Shawn drove

In the evening and sometimes daytime we played a lot of cards. Here we are playing Sevens, but we also played Hearts

For the last day (Monday) we went wine tasting. Bob stuck with water.

The wine was horrible tasting to Bob but apparently of high quality.

When Shawn had to leave we let Jaxon play his hand. Turned out he was a masterful player.

Bob studying the boys Monopoly play. A bit chaotic but interesting.